Stump Grinding

Tree Stump
Tree Stump

Stump grinding is a process that excavates the stump of a tree, leaving the root in place. You can grind out the stump to the desired height, this is one of the advantages of stump grinding, and all it will leave is fine sawdust as the residue.

People often ask if it is better to grind a stump or remove it. Stump grinding is more efficient than stump removal as it does leave the roots of the tree behind. Once a tree is removed by stump grinding it will leave a chip pile, the bigger the tree the bigger the chip pile but these chips can be used in other areas of your garden so they do not go to waste.

Usually, it is best to get a professional in for stump grinding as it can be quite a dangerous job to remove it yourself. A professional tree stump removal expert will have all of the equipment available to make the job easier and carry it out correctly and safely. We wouldn’t advise you to simply take a chainsaw to a stump, it will not completely grind away a tree stump, and a chainsaw will carry out the procedure to a degree but to completely remove the stump we would recommend getting in the stump grinding professionals.

Once a tree is removed by stump grinding, the roots will remain but are unlikely to regrow; the large roots may remain in the ground for a while and will eventually decompose.

Once stump grinding has taken place, you can replant however we would suggest you use a new site as opposed to using the same spot, as sawdust and debris will probably be left in the soil, if this has happened it can change the balance of the nutrients of the soil.

There are various things people use to remove, the professionals would normally use a chemical stump remover which is nothing more than saltpetre, and some people who carry out the stump grinding them use bleach or dry Epsom salts. But there are various stump grinding removal products out there that you can buy and use such as Copper sulphate pentahydrate crystals and Stump remover granules.

Depending on the size of the tree it can take between 15 minutes and 2 to 3 hours to grind a tree stump using a professional machine which a professional company would have. You can also hire stump grinders from a hire company.

Once the stump grinding has taken place clear all the debris, add some new soil, you can then seed the area to grow grass, throwing the seed by hand will ensure good even coverage. Do not overwater the seeds or allow the grass to dry out. Use a fine spray of water to lightly water the area, keep it moist not soaked through until the grass has grown.